Leather Sofas

Leather furniture always stays in fashion. If you are planning to buy a leather sofa in any specific style or colour that fits perfectly in your living space, here you can find Brisbane's renowned furniture stores. They offer you comprehensive collections of good quality, functional and elegant leather couches in different colours, shapes and styles to choose from. Their leather sofas will surely enhance the look and feel of your living rooms. Browse the latest leather collections online!


Gumtree Leather Furniture

Gumtree is the most popular marketplace in Brisbane where you can buy high quality leather furniture. There’s plenty of lounge furniture featured here. It includes sectionals, 2 and 4 seater sofas, armchairs, lounge suites a...

Lifestyle Leather Lounges

Lifestyle Lounges and Sofas is one of Brisbane’s most reputable leather furniture stores. Visit to explore the diverse designs and collections available. The furniture features exquisite styles and is made using various mate...

Adriatic Lether Furniture

Adriatic is one of the largest furniture stores in Brisbane where you can buy high quality leather furniture. The furniture is available in a vast array. It includes 2 seater, 3+2 seater and 3 seater sofas, armchairs and more. Che...

Lounge Life

Lounge Life is undoubtedly the place to shop for quality leather furniture in Brisbane. The store sells the most exquisite sofas and lounges to fit any space. The colors of the furniture are quite beautiful. You can also buy elega...

Devlin Lounges

Devlin Lounges is arguably one of Brisbane’s top leather furniture stores. They offer a wide selection of elegant lounges to suit any taste and budget. The furniture features exquisite designs and colors and is mainly the co...